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Ntah cemana aku subscribe ngan diorang ni aku pon dah lupe 🙂

Subject:     Important Message From :
Date:     Wed, 8 Nov 2006 20:26:02 -0600

Dear All,
We, at, have some important news and changes to your regular


I will keep it brief but the news comes in three parts.

PART 1: We have become a bonafide parking company. Thus, we now are

configured to display our own ads for which we will serve to you, our

users. This is the first stage in our metamorphosis to provide some decent

PPC revenue, and some decent templates, whilst still retaining our

fully customisable interface. However, dont panic, news and blog pages are

still live, available and will continue to be so.

So, what does this mean?? Well, to begin with, we will serve any of

your visitors from the UK a parking template of your choice. I will remind

you later in this email but, for now, please be advised that your

domain manager interface has changed and you need to logon and set the

”main template” and ”sub template” for each of your domains. This is

done in a dropdown menu style. By default, and at the moment, each of your

domains that receive a visitor from the UK will see this directory

template . You may set alternate

‘keyword based’ templates of your own choice or, if you so wish,

completely opt out of the program by unchecking the UK check box in your

domain manager. All your other previous options are still available by

clicking ”edit” against your domain.

Whats next? As soon as we have ensured that, what we have been

laboriously testing over the past few weeks works 100% accurately, we will

introduce feeds from Googles adsense for domains program (a program for

which we have been approved for) for our other non UK visitors. Again, the

choice to display these pages will always be yours and should you wish

to remain as you are with your chosen templates and ads, then thats

fine with us.

Why UK visitors only? Well, we have struck a deal with who are

the second largest PPC company in the world (we are led to believe)

and, although their advertisers are limited (compared with google), their

PPC is fantastic and their range more than adequate. And being that its

in sterling and not subject to any ”smart pricing” tool means that

revenues are good and dont suddenly drop and continue to drop without

notice. Remember, this only affects visitors to your domains from UK IP


We also intend our parking program to become web2.0 user interactive.

Meaning that you will soon have the ability to design your own templates

using your own theme and showing your own domains. And any templates

that are any good will then be shared with others and added to our user


So, i ask you to give it a try, we track by domain and will pay higher

on average than any PPC company ive tried so….

PART 2: Our infrastructure has come under attack in recent weeks which

has spurred us on to new dedicated servers. The move will probably

happen without your notice, but sometime in the next week we will migrate

onto the new servers thus ensuring a more stable and speedier service.

PART 3: I am pleased to announce that has become a US

registered Ltd company. I am also pleased to announce that Ron James (owner

and admin of has joined our board of directors.

So as a final reminder, do please logon and set your category and sub

category for each of your domains.

And if anyone has any comments and/or suggestions then please email

Best regards

Ian Collier

Sesapa nak cuba, cubalah…haritu aku gi IIUM, pastu tup tup kene hari Rabu sampai hari ni kene gi KL balik.. ni baru sampai.. sebab tu malas menulis 😛 jadik aku copy paste email yang aku dapat…

projek aku dah semakin dekat, ebook Mysticmind yang akan dilancarkan esok mungkin ada konsep yang aku cuba ketengahkan..

takpela… dia launch dulu, sape suruh aku sendirik yang lembab.. hahah..

fuh.. mintak2la dianye ebook lain sket ngan konsep aku (walaupon nampak gayanya 90% kemungkinan 50% konsep yang cuba diketengahkan adalah sama <- adakah anda boleh faham ayat aku ni?)


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5 Respons to “Email dari”

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huhuhu..tu la en Aku, lain kali buat cepat2..heheh 🙂 tapi takpa..Kalau idea sama pun, mungkin cara penulisan dan penerangan dia lain..

panjang btul email die..

En aku pun nak lancar ebook baru ke?

E aku epamplet 🙂 akunye bahan tak layak dinamakan ebook 😛 apa yang aku cuba perkenalkan adalah sistem aku… tungguuuu… tak lame dah..

– affiliate system siap (bukan untuk keuntungan)
– epamplet ada beberapa yang dah dikeluarkan di sini(set keyword tu)
– backup plan belom siap
– JV partner belom tentukan
– marketing plan belom siap

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