Lucky Me~!

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2nd entry in English, is it?

Hahah, lucky me. Lucky me.. lucky me!

Remember that I mentioned in previous post about domain tasting? That I would not talk yet, how we, as individual too, can practice domain tasting?

Now I’m about to reveal the know-how, ironically me wanna back off. Not that I’m afraid that such practice will found me trouble, but because of the company I’m eyeing is not professional enuff! hahah, lucky me I got habit of sending emails. That’s how I can evaluate any company on the net.

Here’s how to practice domain tasting. Instead of register with anyelse registrar, register with Moniker. There you have an account with balance (if you got any). Do you realize that many registrar do not have account balance? This means, they do not give refund if you drop your domain. Their procedure is simple, you register a domain for 1 year, you get it 1 year. No refund, drop option what so ever. Unlike them, Moniker do have account balance which indicates they do have dropping domain option (I use the word ‘indicates’ here because I was told by someone that they do have such option, I’m not sure though)

Herewith I attach my series of emails with them which I feel unprofessional, cause me not going to look any further cooperation and business deal. Thank you. You just can’t beat GoDaddy, be professional anyway. And you just lost one customer worth $100 a month (not big deal huh, I’m going to discourage all my visitors anyway).

Emails Attachment, read from bottom

#Moniker Second/Last Email

om: “Moniker Support” <> (privacy, censored)
To: “‘Muhammad Iyas Ilias'” <>(privacy, censored)
Subject: RE: Moniker Feedback
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 20:33:42 -0400

Without salutation, giving direct instruction, though the fault is on my side, you should write like this if I may teach you:

“Dear Sir

We do have PayPal payment options which you can find there and that blah blah blah..

We believe that you are not going through our checkout system until finish. Please feel free to order again. Thank you.”

When you are taken to the shopping cart after you have finished ordering, when you click buy now, you will be given the payment options. Paypal is one of the options.

Dear my readers, can you think why they use blue in colour to write me an email? This is very unprofessional!

By the way, they forgot to answer question number two!!! Hahah, that’s what will happen if you are focusing on customer fault, you’ll forget your job.

Thank you, Support Center
More Than A Name!
Fax: (954) 969-9155


#My Second/Last EmailFrom: Muhammad Iyas Ilias [] (privacy, censored)
Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2006 12:06 PM
(privacy, censored)
Subject: RE: Moniker Feedback

(First Q) Dear Sir,I do have both PayPal account and Moniker Account. I’m sorry but I can’t find where to fund any purchase using PayPal (I did try your checkout system and ‘puchase pre-fund package’).(Second Q) And I was mentioned by someone that you are giving refund (with a small drop fee) for any domains dropped within 5 days of registration. Is it true?Regards,

#Moniker First Email
Moniker Support <> (privacy, censored) wrote: Dear Sir:

If you have an account we do have the Paypal feature.

Thank you, Support Center
More Than A Name!
Fax: (954) 969-9155

#My First Email, using contact form.
—–Original Message—–
From: [] (privacy, censored)
Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 6:11 PM
To: (privacy, censored)
Subject: Moniker Feedback

product: NEMO
component: webapp
bug_severity: enhancement
priority: P3
version: b1
rep_platform: Windows XP
rep_browser: Firefox
op_sys: All
short_desc: PayPal
comments: Hi there,

Currently I choose GoDaddy because they accept PayPal.

It would be great if you too can accept PayPal.

Just my 2 cent.

Thank you.

Fname: Muhammad Iyas
subject: Moniker Feedback
y: 15
x: 24
email: (privacy, censored)
Lname: Ilias

Note: Words in red, bold and underline are my comments, here.


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