Care The Cashflow, You Idiot!!!

Posted on September 26, 2006. Filed under: General |

This is my first attempt to write in English. Please excuse my poor English skill.

What would you do to earn money? Yes, do whatever it is as long as it earns you money.
What would you do to increase positive cash flow? Simply stop buying things, rite? Wrong.

You should not stop. In fact, that is the dumbest idea anyone could imagine. Tell me, how could a webmaster for a company do his work if there is no computer for him? You should buy him a computer, he is an asset!

Care the cashflow, you idiot!!!
A webmaster for a company is a representative in marketing for that particular company. You should make him easy to represent you.
Do not stop him buy a computer for himself, increase sales instead.

Care the cashflow, you idiot!!!
Poor if your company has an accountant who do not understand cash flow. Increase positive cash flow isn’t about stop buying things you ‘think’ unnecessary, it’s about increase sales if you make expenses and never decrease if expense going none.

Care the cashflow, you idiot!!!
How dare you stop paying money you owe. Noone eventually want to make deal with you, ever again. Instead, pay them systematically along with never-ending increasing sales!

It is sad to know that the only thing one could come out with an idea is the STOP sign for every expense possible. Douh!

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11 Respons to “Care The Cashflow, You Idiot!!!”

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enaku, what made you very-very angry lately?? hahaha

🙂 it’s too hot here in Kedah lately 😛

Yeah.. I do realize that. Cool down bro.. Hahak.

hehehehehe…i’m understand that…

hi hi any expiriance on this matter keee

it’s Ramadhan.. you should cool down.. everyone should cool down..

yeh.kinda agreed with that. btw, nice post.

wahida, this post is a half-gimmick post. true is no Malaysians were beaten when I post this entry 😛

When a accountant cannot understand what’s needed to increase cash flow, it hurts everyone. yes, i mean everyone in the company.

maybe someone would probably suggest that it’s nothing can be done by an accountant regarding cash flow, but hey, he has the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and he choose to ignore the fact that in order to increase cash flow, he needs to increase sales. how to increase sales? increase productivity.

Yeah…good writing.
Should we give credit to Enaku?

P/S : What should we do if we never earn money?:P

Plan something achieveable so that it can cover the expense. 🙂

RM1000/month of expense shouldn’t hard to beat for a company with more income than that per day.

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